Opinion: Comfort is king

Lily Hanafin, Reporter

With online learning, many students have decided to forgo dressing nice for a more casual attire. Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want to Zoom meetings as long as their clothing is appropriate. 

Even before remote learning, students at LT were able to wear whatever they wanted with little restrictions. The dress code at LT gives students the right to make clothing selections so that they feel comfortable during school. This rule applies to every student and should be carried over into remote learning. 

Other schools have made rules not allowing students to wear pajamas or informal clothes on Zoom because they say that it will distract them or make them feel like they are not at school. Yet how big of an impact can wearing sweatpants have on a student’s attention span? Not much. Informal clothing does not hinder attentiveness. For many years at LT, students have been wearing informal clothing, such as sweatpants, pajamas, and sweatshirts, but we continue to be a well-regarded district academically. Since the clothing that LT students wear has not dramatically affected learning, the argument that casual clothing can affect learning is, for the most part, unfounded. 

 In fact, informal clothing can help make some students feel comfortable. If students feel comfortable wearing their pajamas and a sweatshirt, then why stop them? Clothes should make people feel confident in themselves. Clothing does not always have to be a fashion statement; it can simply be about ease, warmth and comfort. With the discomfort many students are feeling with online learning, they should at least be allowed to feel comfortable in their own clothing. 

People might say that getting dressed formally is a daily routine of life and should be practiced throughout the pandemic to bring a part of normalcy into the day. However, this is not a normal situation, and schools should understand this.  Administrators during this time should be more understanding about remote learning dress codes.

High school students already go through so much, so why should they be expected to always look put together? Not having to get dressed nicely for school is easier on the student and often lets them sleep longer. The simple joy of getting to wear informal clothes to class after getting an extra half hour of sleep makes online learning so much more bearable and enjoyable. 

Students should be allowed to wear informal clothes during remote learning for their own comfort. Why make a rule against informal clothing when so many students find joy in it during these irregular times?