Opinion: Dressing up for zoom, the ultimate act of rebellion


Don’t do Zoom in Pajamas! How are you going to get anything done? (Katy Moore)

Grace Moore, Reporter

Most students roll out of bed, open up their computer and call it a morning routine. Not me. I love clothes! I dress up for Zoom classes everyday. Putting on clothes is my creative outlet. When it comes to art, people are very judgmental. If you put on clothes and sit in your room, people barely see your clothes, so the art is just for you. Maybe you have lots of ideas for cool outfits, but you’d never wear them in public. This is your chance. In school we have little time to be creative. It’s important to keep being creative in order to keep yourself happy.  

Picasso once said, “Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 

In life and especially during school, creativity is a difficult thing to maintain.If you can’t find time to be creative in your life, putting on clothes is the perfect time to express yourself without taking up too much time. The reason I get up in the morning is to put clothes on. There is a whole world in your closest. You’re sitting in your room all day with a dresser right next to you. You don’t have to get up much earlier to get dressed than if you did not change for school. If you pick out your outfit the night before, then you get in a small dose of creativity, and you can look cool on Zoom. Another bonus: if you put clothes on in the morning, then your day will automatically be more organized. We have gone so long without having places to go or people to see. This is finally your chance for your peers to get a glimpse of your cool new style. If you start to wear cooler clothes, you’ll meet cool people, so you’ll become cool yourself. It’s a lifestyle. 

People may start to be judgmental, but the liberating part is that it doesn’t matter. You will start to gain confidence in every aspect of your life. It is so much better to spend your energy creating new outfits and doing something creative than trying to do what everyone else is doing. 

Creativity is what keeps the world spinning. Without it, the world would be drab and boring; if schools keep overworking us and suppress our creativity, the world will turn into a lifeless, dull place to be. You can see the outcomes of creativity in things like modern architecture or fashion. Now think about art and fashion from only 30 years ago. People weren’t so overworked and tired all the time. Their days had value, their time had meaning. Everything was fun to look at. Modern Architecture, for example, is so boring with all the squares, and everything’s white. Take a look at even the ‘80s! There was so much more color and flavor overall. It kept everything interesting. Sometimes minimalism is nice; it can be calming for things to be simple, but not to this degree. 

The ultimate act of rebellion is keeping creativity alive. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, large corporations have controlled our society, trying to make everyone the same, so they follow orders efficiently and effectively. This has caused the decline in creativity. Before then artists were revered; creating music or art was important. Now you’re told you’ll never go anywhere. Why let that stop you? In life there is no point unless you’re creating. All this school work we do is only arbitrary; it is all just a time filler until you get old and tired. Never let them get to you. Creativity is the meaning behind it all. The world will all be gone one day; you will be gone one day. When you’re gone, do you want people to be saying “Wow, they were so good at fitting in.” No, you don’t! Your art could live on whether it’s tangible or in the hearts and memories of others. You only get one human experience. 

Are you really enjoying it in the same few T-shirts? Maybe you are, maybe that doesn’t affect you, but for some of us, fashion means so much more. Who cares if you get called weird? Most things that are normal became that way by being so weird until they became normal. Phones, for example. People thought phones were so crazy that they had to have them. Now everyone has a phone. That is how most things are popularized. If you start to look at life this way, the opinions of others will start to have less and less meaning until one day, you stop caring. That will be the best day of your life. You can wear whatever you want and do whatever you wantwithin reason of coursebut the course of your life will change. You won’t have to care about others. 

You won’t be here forever, so try to have fun while it lasts. The chance of getting to experience humanity is so slim; you don’t want to let this opportunity pass. If it starts with picking out a fun outfit, then so be it.