Not an easy job

John Hepp, Opinions Editor

Everything is uncertain right now. We’re at a point where everyone’s just sitting on their hands, waiting for things to go back to normal. Recently, however, something that’s stayed steady and reliable is the LT administration’s response to the situation at hand. They’ve handled this situation expertly, giving out an abundance of information while working to transition smoothly to e-learning. This isn’t an easy situation to navigate through either; there’s absolutely no precedent for a worldwide pandemic in our modern age. However, true character shines through once times get tough, and the perseverance of the LT administration, staff and students is on full display.

Once it became imminent that schools would be closing, they immediately formed an e-learning plan and were proactive in creating a coronavirus-related page on the LT website. They also worked quickly and effectively to organize computers, wifi and lunches for students who needed them. During times like these, this is what we need. An organized, unified LT administration that enacts change when it’s needed. They deserve praise for their actions; they’ve done a great job coordinating e-learning and communicating to students and parents what will happen over the rest of the school year.

Another great thing LT has done is collecting feedback from teachers and students regarding e-learning. Administering the remote learning survey and conducting focus groups centered around e-learning are both fantastic ways to figure out what’s working and what’s not. The changes that this feedback has brought about, including a switch to A/B days and the elimination of all second semester finals are adjustments that will only serve to help students and staff. It fits the idea of e-learning; it’s not about the grade, but what the student learns. Teachers have less work, now being able to reach out personally to students more often. Finals, on the other hand, were never really about learning anyways, and the practicalities of students taking them at home is non-existent.

This isn’t just about the administration, either. Teachers have been working diligently to give students assignments each day and keep the ball rolling. From my own experience, I’ve had very little busy work assigned to me, yet I have also felt that I haven’t been assigned an overabundance of work that’s taken hours to complete. Teachers have been working just as hard as anybody, and like the administration, they deserve praise for their diligence and actions.

All in all, LT has taken a bizarre, difficult situation and handled it masterfully. They were not handed an easy job, but they persevered, and the LT community as a whole will come back stronger