Words of Wisdom

Tessa Voytovich, News Co-Editor

As the end of my high school experience quickly approaches, I often find myself reflecting on the mistakes and good choices I have made in my life since 2016. The four years I’ve spent at LT have not necessarily changed me, but definitely taught me some useful knowledge. I don’t have a younger sibling to pass this valuable information on to, so I figured I’d share it with you all. Here is a list of my top-eight words for anyone who will still be in high school next year.

Work hard freshman and sophomore year. It pays off. GPA follows you throughout high school, so you might as well be successful while it is easy. At SC, it takes less time and effort to get good grades, so allow yourself a cushion for the times when GPA may be harder to maintain later.

Get involved with only a few things you really care about and devote your time to them. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Quality over quantity matters on college applications, but also in your relationships. I met some of my closest friends on the LION because we all spend so much time together. I tried a bunch of different clubs freshman year and cannot say I met any friends from them that have stuck.

Try not to create a reputation for yourself—they stick. You do not want to be known as someone who is mean or someone who gets around. Be thoughtful about your actions because even though LT is huge, rumors spread fast.It is better to be unknown than known for something unsavory.

Your friends freshman year are not going to be your friends forever. I met some of my best friends during my time at SC, yet most social circles change. If you are hanging out with a crowd you don’t fit in with, don’t stress. You will find your people. Friend groups usually  solidify at the start of senior year, anyways.

Don’t burn bridges. You never know when something can come back to you. It could be years later when you need a favor from someone that you realize you cut all ties with them.

Although it is looked down upon to be “fake”, being nice to people that you don’t like is not a bad thing. If you don’t like someone, they don’t always need to know it. There is a difference between acting polite and acting fake.

Dating should be fun and stress-free. Don’t get stuck in relationships that are not positive. I have seen people drag on toxic relationships for years. If the person you are dating is constantly mad at you or not treating you right, there is no reason to stay with them. The chances that you will date past high school are very slim.

Nothing really matters that much at the end of the day. Although it’s hard to do, sometimes things need to be put in perspective. When you are feeling most upset, just remind yourself that high school is only four years of your life, years you may not even remember.Things only get better from here—ask literally any adult.

High school is a learning experience and I learned some of these things the hard way. Now, hopefully you all won’t have to do so.