A culture of death

Greg Smith, Managing editor

Until I recently turned 18, I couldn’t even go to a the doctor for a strep test without my parents’ consent. When I needed a physical and a vision test to enter the military, one of my parents needed to be there as well.

In mid-February, Democrats in the Illinois House proposed an extreme law, the “Illinois Reproductive Health Act” (HB 2495 and SB 1942), which if passed into law, will eliminate all parental notification and consent for a minor seeking an abortion. Given that Democrats now control both the legislature and the governor’s office, it’s highly likely that this legislation will become law. Under current statute (which has withstood repeated challenges in the courts), doctors must notify parents of anyone 17 years old or younger at least 48 hours prior to performing an abortion. This measure protects young girls in difficult situations from making rash decisions, but it more importantly serves as a check against minors who are sexually abused, and does not allow abuse to remain hidden from parents. But the bill would allow a child to have an abortion without parental consent or notification, though she still needs parental consent for that strep test.

And that’s not all; the Reproductive “Health” Act will decriminalize all acts of violence – including intentional acts – against an unborn child, even a wanted unborn child. Under current law, a person who intentionally harms an unborn child may be prosecuted for battery or manslaughter. But under this proposed law, that same person would face no criminal sanction other than one for harming the child’s mother. A pet hamster enjoys greater legal protection.

The Reproductive “Health” Act would allow abortion up to the very moment of birth and would offer no protection to a child who survives an abortion. If this bill isn’t about eugenics, nothing is. It would make Margaret Sanger proud; she was the eugenics enthusiast who founded Planned Parenthood. Sanger believed in giving “certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization,” as she said in “A Plan for Peace.” In a 1939 letter to Clarence Gamble, Sanger said “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it even occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” True to Sanger’s sick vision, two-thirds of the abortions committed today by Planned Parenthood are on minority children.

The proposed law does away with protections for medical professionals who have moral oppositions to performing abortions, which is a flagrant assault on religious freedom on par with (but even worse than) forcing conscientious objectors to serve in the military and end human lives. During the past century, our nation has correctly recognized that those with a legitimate moral objection to bearing arms should not be forced to serve in combat. But the Illinois legislature stands ready to force medical professionals into the grizzly practice of abortion, regardless of moral objection.

State legislators apparently understand that Illinois will soon become America’s Abortion Capital. (No, they have not yet proposed to replace the “Land of Lincoln” on your license plate.)  So to accommodate the increased number of abortions, their bill eliminates any requirement that abortions be performed by doctors (nurses, physician’s assistants, or people under their supervision can perform surgical abortions). No, I’m not making this up.

“Safe, legal, and rare” is no longer a “thing” anymore when it comes to abortion. It’s: “Anyone,” (a minor  13 years or older won’t even need to tell a parent), “Anytime” (up until the time of birth), “By anyone” (not just doctors), and “For any reason.” We’re also told that we need to pay for these killings of innocent children with our taxpayer dollars. Who are we as a society if that’s okay?