Editorial: Copious choices

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Our Position: LT offers a wide variety of class options that students can choose from, and students should take advantage of this during course selections.


Every winter, the time comes for students at LT and incoming freshman to select their courses for the next year. For many selecting a schedule for next year is no easy task because of the variety of classes and levels that our school offers to students. The textbook sized academic program guide is full of unique and challenging courses students can choose from.

Not all students learn the same way, or have an interest in the same things. The LT administration recognizes this and does its best to create a school with a curriculum that appeals to all students. When students have the opportunity to explore their interests, they learn better.

In regards to electives at LT, there are classes like drawing and painting or choir, that are standard at all high schools. LT offers an extensive list of classes that cater to all types of students. For the foodie, there is culinary arts, which leads to advanced culinary and then to international foods. For those who enjoy hands on experiences, there are classes like furniture making, engineering, and aeronautics. And for those who can’t find what they want at LT, the school partnered with the Technology Center of DuPage to offer courses like cosmetology and emergency medical technician training. LT always does its best to give students many different learning opportunities to achieve their ambitions in life.

Another way LT offers its students the best experience is by offering opportunities for students to challenge themselves through a variety of advanced placement or AP classes. At LT, 27 AP classes were offered to students last year. Some of the most commonly taken courses are AP US History and AP Physics 1, and they almost always have full classes.

Even for the AP classes that don’t have as high enrollment, LT always ensures that the courses will be available to interested students. Due to LT’s commitment to allowing students to pursue their interests at a higher level of education, LT students perform exceptionally on AP tests: In 2018, 87 percent of AP tests taken were a score of three or better compared to about 63 percent of students nationally receiving a score of three or better. Without the support of the administration for so many different AP classes, the students at this school would not have been able to prove their excellence in the subjects they are the most interested in.

Another way that LT diversifies its courses is through the gym electives offered to juniors and seniors. Students are required to take three and a half years of gym to graduate from LT. Many high schools require physical education credits for graduation, LT is one of them, but what sets LT apart from the rest is its diversity in P.E. classes. Junior and senior students can choose to take a regular gym track or they can choose from the other classes offered, such as scuba diving, dance fitness and sports officiating.

No matter what academic area it is in, the administration at LT ensures success for students by offering a variety of classes to match their interests and providing students an abundance of ways to prove their excellence.

Staff Vote: 19-5