Safe and informed

Our Position: LT is doing a good job in terms of school security, but should inform students about the new protocol.

In the wake of increased school violence, LT has been tightening security to protect its students. The LT administration has implemented numerous new security measures this year between the Blue Point system, Student Resource Officers (SROs), and keeping school doors locked for the majority of the day. All these measures will keep LT safe in the event of any emergency, but it does not make students uncomfortable or detract from learning and classes. The addition of text messages that are sent to students in the event of a Blue Point activation is incredibly beneficial, as it can keep students informed and stop rumors from spreading.

Keeping students informed about their school is always important, but it is crucial that they are aware of school security measures. One particular difference that many students have noticed is that the doors are now locked throughout the school day and before and after hours. Side doors to the school typically do not open until 6:30 am, as do the main Bell Tower doors at NC. Many students were initially confused by this overnight change, and did not receive an immediate explanation. Administration wanted to decrease the amount of people physically entering and exiting the building; though students must commute between Vaughan and the main building at NC, the doors are now manually unlocked at the beginning of a passing period, and re-locked at the end.

One more area in which LT can better inform the student population of changes to security doesn’t even apply to students- it applies to parents, guests and alumni who want to visit LT. Many recent graduates come back to visit during their school breaks; it’s heartwarming to see that LT has made that much of an impact on them that they want to return to their high school, visit their favorite teachers, or sit in on one of their favorite classes. However, it isn’t as easy to visit as one might think- gone are the days of being able to simply walk through the door. Visitors must buzzed in, regardless of which campus they are at. Visiting former students must email the teacher they want to visit at least 24 hours in advance, telling them the date and time they want to drop in. From there, the teacher must email the Assistant Principal’s office, informing them of a visitor and when to expect them. When the student actually comes to LT, they must present valid I.D, where the school runs it through a “background check” of sorts, checking for a history of violence or sexual assault. After all that has been completed, the visitor is given a visitor’s badge with their face on it, and must not take it off for the duration of their stay.

LT has done well with increasing security and changing protocol, but in order for it to be effective, they must inform the student body of such changes.