Oh the places you’ll (Chica)go!

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

I think we can all agree that the first thing we think of when we hear the word “Chicago” is Trina Vega from Victorious singing her beautiful and timeless solo aptly named “Chicago.” Although Trina may not have been the best at singing, her lyrics ring true. Chicago is “a city that’s inviting, a city that’s exciting,” which is exactly why LT alumni should move to the city of Chicago after they graduate college.

First of all, we have grown up near Chicago our whole lives, so moving to the city brings a sense of familiarity with an abundance of new experiences that you wouldn’t get by moving back to the suburbs. Chicago is a cultural mecca that is full of different backgrounds and heritages that you didn’t get to experience on your eighth grade trip downtown. With such a wide variety of different neighborhoods you can live in, there is something for everyone. From Wheeler Park to Wrigleyville, any college grad can find a place to live.

Because Chicago is a business hub, getting a job or internship downtown is easy. A commute from the suburbs can be daunting, and a job out-of-state may not provide you with the same experience as one in the Windy City. Jobs downtown are abundant and readily available to young, post-college adults, making Chicago the perfect place to move after college.

Now you may be thinking: “But Pilar! If I live on the Northside how will I get to my job downtown?

Don’t fret, Chicago’s extensive public transportation system makes it easy to get anywhere in the city. Although the L system may be confusing at first, just like the halls of NC, everyone gets the hang of it eventually. One downside to living in Chicago is the parking and street traffic, but in addition to the L, the CTA, and Metra make transportation without a car easy and affordable. Plus, the proximity to O’Hare Airport makes out of state and international travel super easy.

If Trina Vega singing about Chicago isn’t enough to convince you to move there immediately, I understand. But, with a diverse community, job opportunities and easy transportation, it’s hard not to want to drop everything and move downtown now. And if all those reasons weren’t enough to convince you, think about all the authentic, Chicago-style hot dogs you’ll be able to enjoy while living downtown. There is one caveat to living downtown, though: no ketchup.