September Point: Building a Better Future

Drew Cushing

The long-term benefits of the NC construction far outweigh the current noise and minor distractions that students have to deal with now.  While the noise does occasionally make it hard to hear in the classroom, most students are able to ignore the clamor and keep focused on their work.

If the renovations are really that much of a disruption to the classroom, teachers could just close the windows to help mute the sound. And if the construction really is bothering someone that much, they can make a request to the teacher to get their seat changed to a spot in the room that isn’t as close to all the racket.

Even though the construction makes some areas difficult to be in, students are able to go about their normal routines without being disrupted by the renovations, besides a few detours in the basement and also the trek to the Vaughan Gym for lunch. By now, so many students are used to the barriers that it hasn’t even become a disturbance anymore and we’ve been able to devise routes so we can arrive to class on time despite all of the hullabaloo that renovations brings to the school.

While construction is loud in the morning, students can just raise their voices so classmates and teachers can hear them.  An improvement of the construction will also be getting the upgraded lunchroom that students will be able to eat in, hopefully by this March.  There’ll also be the new Reber Center, which will be a huge improvement for students in theater, among other groups.

Another advantage that the construction brings to the school is that it now supplies air conditioning to many more classrooms throughout the school so students won’t have to worry about wearing a gray shirt to school because they’re going to be sweating so much from the heat.

The renovations will also bring improved tennis courts to the school so now there won’t be any weeds growing through cracks on the court anymore. Although the new tennis courts constrict LT’s cross country course, that problem was fixed by restructuring the race course at the LT invite.

And as for the parking issues that construction supposedly brings, students can just as easily take the bus and if they aren’t given a bus, then they live close enough to walk to school.  And sports players commuting to NC can use the activity bus; it’s there for a reason.  While the construction may be a hassle for now and will continue to be for some time, it’ll all be worth it for next year.