The parking problem

Emme McLean, Managing Editor

When we leave SC for NC, we are given a number of freedoms and privileges that come with age. At NC, we are able to pick from a larger variety of classes, a more diverse selection of food in the cafeteria, and are finally given the opportunity to drive ourselves to schoolcatnip to a time management freak like myself. 

Still, as if navigating through AP and Honors classes isn’t hard enough, the lack of parking spots available at NC creates a whole new problem set for students. LT gives very limited opportunities for students to park remotely near the school. Unless you are a student participating in a teaching internship or magically won the senior lottery, you have to rely on the village of La Grange for a parking spot. Even the village has limited parking and almost all of the sections are at least three or more blocks from the school. This costs students not only their time but also a hefty $300/semester. 

Nonetheless, I decided to splurge on a village parking pass this year in section “E” spots supposedly right across the tracks from NC. Little did I know that there were about 20 other students that parked in this section. This meant that I had to leave at an unreasonable hour in the morning just to get one of the closest spots. If I happen to be even 10 minutes later than 7:05 a.m., I am forced to walk at least 15 minutes just from my parking spot to the front doors of NC.

This walk may have been bearable in the early months of fall, but my problems only escalated as I was forced to walk in below freezing weather just to make it in time for the second bell. Not to mention navigating after school, which is an even bigger beast. Coincidentally, there is always a freight train that runs through La Grange road right around 3:05 p.m. So, in the fall months, I waited 15 minutes for the train to pass, walked another 15 minutes to get to my car, and rushed through after school traffic just to make it to SC 40 minutes late to tennis practice.

However, as a problem solver, I have tried out alternative options. For a couple weeks during the first semester, my friend allowed me to park in the street outside her house. Not surprisingly, the parking police of La Grange have no problem slapping a ticket on street parkers right as the two hour mark passes. 

Of course, there are other options like carpooling to school and getting dropped off by a parent. For me, a student who has a rigorous academic and extracurricular schedule, it is impossible to rely on someone else to get me to and from every single activity on time.

LT needs to provide more affordable and convenient parking for students. Students shouldn’t be forced to choose between a full night’s sleep or a $35 ticket just to make it on time for their first period.