KOH dance cancelled

Claire Williams, Copy Editor

The King of Hearts dance was cancelled on Monday, March 2 after having sold 15 online tickets. The dance, hosted by Relay for Life, was to be held on Saturday, March 7 in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“I was really disappointed because I had a date and everything, and I had plans to go already,” Maggie Sizemore ‘21 said. “I was really looking forward to it even if it isn’t as big as Homecoming.”

Relay for Life leaders had been planning the dance since first semester. They had already bought the decorations and booked the DJ and were in the process of purchasing food before it was cancelled, club leader Natalie Carlisle ‘21 said.

“I was so mad because we had been working on this for so long because we just genuinely wanted to make it a lot better than last year,” club leader Sam Linares ‘21 said. “I was also really disappointed that lots of people didn’t buy tickets because it’s a literal donation.”

Some of the club’s attempts to increase ticket sales did not go through. They had tried to do an intercom announcement, but the written announcement that Linares emailed to club advisor Brian Wolf was never said over the intercom. The club leaders had also hoped to start selling paper tickets at the bookstore during the week of the dance, but it was cancelled before they were able to.

“On Monday, all of us club leaders decided that we’re not going to cancel this,” Linares said. “We’ve come so far into planning this; why would we cancel it now? But then Mr. Wolf emailed us seventh period saying that he and Peter Geddeis, director of student activities decided to cancel it themselves. That really upset us all.”

The club plans on trying to host the dance again next year, Carlisle said. The decorations purchased this year will be saved for next year’s dance and paper tickets will be sold earlier, Linares said.

“Next year, we have to publicize it more but also make sure that people know this is for the American Cancer Society,” Carlisle said. “Because I think more people will buy tickets. Even if they can’t go, they might purchase them to be charitable.”