Choir students plan to go to England during Spring break to sing 

Hannah Race, Freelance writer

Upperclassmen choir students are going on a trip to England to sing at several congregations and at church services.  The students have been practicing these songs since the beginning of the year and also performed them in a concert.

“It [the choir trip] changes, so in past years they’ve gone to Ireland, so now we’re in England so I’m very excited,”  Caroline Garvin ‘21 said.

Choir students will be going on this trip from March 18th-26th.  Students will sleep three to a room and each must pay $3,390 to attend the trip.

Students will be singing “Sunday,” “ Sondheim,” “Oba ti de,” “Oh clap your hands,” “Worthy to be Praised,” “Danny Boy,” “The Miller of Dee,” “The Lord Bless you and keep you,” some of which they have been practicing since the beginning of the school year.

“We know a few songs [already]… [and] will also be getting some voice lessons,”  Garvin said.

Students will be chaperoned by John Musick, choir director.  This is the 6th major trip that LTHS choir has gone on in six years.

It’s a lot of work in planning fundraisers and the trip itself,”  Musick said. “Choir is something that should be shared with as many people as possible.  Choirs are really meant to go on tour. The work is all worth it.”

Each choir trip begins to get planned a year and a half before it takes place.  Musick and Lyda, another choir director (also chaperoning the choir trip), sit down to discuss criteria for what songs to pick that best suit the education of the students and fit their performances.

“England is arguably the Mecca of choir music,” Musick said.  “A lot of the music we perform was arranged or composed in England. We will be exposed to phenomenal choir music and conductors when we are there.”

Students will be on the trip during their spring break.  They fly to England directly after school on the 18th and will begin the trip that has been a year and a half in the making.