Little Women Review

Quinn Riordan, reporter and photographer

“Little Women” does the little things right

Louisa May Alcott’s novel “Little Women” has been taught and read by thousands of people, its lovable characters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, left a lasting impression on generations and created high anticipation for Greta Gertwig’s adaptation. “Little Women,” which debuted on Dec. 25, is an inventive and newfound adaptation with a brilliant and honest portrayal of all the characters. 

The movie runs for two hours and 15 minutes which seems like a long time to sit and watch a movie, yet the movie is enticing and draws you in. The movie plays with the timeline of the book, intertwining the past and the present to create a layered and paralleled story where the past becomes part of the present reality similar to life. The framing of time differs from both the book and other movie adaptations with Gertwig’s approach creating a sense of reflection which feels more lifelike. It showcases life with both the good and bad, not shying away from the ugly.

The movie could be perceived as slow since it focuses on the realness of love and life and is definitely no action film, with all the typical special effects and loud music in films nowadays. It is a bold departure from all the over-the-top and extravagant Hollywood films showing life in its purest form.

Gertwig’s films always seem to portray life with such rawness and honesty; “Little Women” is no different. Saoirse Ronan, who plays Jo, and Timotheé Chalamet, Laurie, the hearthrob neighbor boy, deliver honest emotions that bring vitality and relatability to the characters. All of the portrayals of both the women and the men are relatable and truthful creating an instant connection with them. You cry with them, laugh with them, root for them, and love them. This honesty is what makes the movie so impactful, and the story stays with you.

“Little Women” is a film for everyone to see with its sincere portrayals of love, family and independence. The themes and messages woven within the movie are so emotive and truthful, I left the theater having laughed and cried. “Little Women” is packed with honest emotions and themes along with beautiful cinematography and wardrobe to create a must-watch film.