LT Model UN places second at Sandburg, travels to WUMUNC

Margaret Kahn, Freelance Reporter

As multiple conferences approach in multiple states, Model UN students are beginning to plan for debates over world issues with kids from around the country.             
MUN is basically a debate club about world issues,” MUN founder John Cronfel said. “You pretend that you are an ambassador of a country and you have to solve its problems.”
The first conference LT participated in was on Sept. 30 at Carl Sandburg High School. It was oneday conference that went from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., MUN advisor Theresa Hirstein said. 
LT’s team placed second at the CSMUN conference, earning them an Outstanding Award for large delegations, Hirstein said.  
The MUN club also prepared for their conference at Washington University in the St. Louis metropolitan area. It was a threeday trip from Oct. 13 to Oct. 15 and around 40 students attended, Hirstein said.     
When a school holds a conference, they give a list of 50 to 60 positions and committees, Hirstein said. Each member of MUN gets a different position in a certain committee and starts researching issues for their country.   
The main goal of MUN is to have students become an expert on a country’s point of view and never their own,” Cronfel said.     
The MUN team goes year-roundfrom early August and all the way through April for conferencesHirstein said.     
Because it is the beginning of the season, newcomers are currently being trained by more experienced members in order to make LT’s MUN team successful, MUN advisor Andrew Johannes said.     
“We are looking for people who are excited about international relations and want to learn about new countries,” Johannes said. “Anyone who is looking to expand their horizons and views of the world should join.”    
Later in the season, there will be several more conferences that students may choose to go on. One will take place at Waubonsie Valley High School on Oct. 21, one at St. Ignatius on Nov. 4 and one in Chicago for CIMUN from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3.