Hands-on experiences available at LT in the many fields of science

James King, Freelance Reporter

Students are getting more hands-on experience in the many fields of science by joining together and participating in local high school competitions. 

On November 18th at Palatine High School the Lyons Township High School Science Olympiad team will be dressing up as construction workers and putting their science skills to the test. 

Until then, plans are to prepare Olympians so that they can compete in over 28 competitions. Bruce Falli, an AP Chemistry teacher, helps the JV get ready for competitions, while Angela Patel, an AP Biology teacher, focuses on readying the varsity team for competitions. But, all are welcome to join whether you’re a novice freshman or an established sophomore. 

“We look for enthusiastic, smart, and aspiring scientists to help us win hardware, but we have open arms to anyone who just wants to bounce in on the fun,” varsity competitor John Quinlan ’19 said. 

Practices are at 6 on Monday mornings.  

“In practices we work heavily on in-depth training in each event so that each member may be prepared come this winter in their field,” Patel said. 

What students do in these practices can range from taking tests, testing rock samples and learning to differentiate them, to building structures with balsa wood to hold as much weight as possible, or even just completing chemistry labs, Falli said.  

The events are wide ranging and are exuberantly numerous, which means there is an event for each and every science student no matter what your interests are or frankly aren’t.  

“My favorite time of the year is in the late winter months when everyone is so comfortable with their event [they] are performing to utmost perfection and winning their first, second, and third medals,” Mark Jarezeck ’19, another varsity Science Olympian said. The Science Olympiad Team also dresses up to themes at each competition.  

“With such a dull environment we try to spice up the events by being the extroverted Science Team and getting in everyone’s face as well as laughing along the way. For our first event we’re dressing up as construction workers with hard hats, orange jackets and everything,” Falli said.  

“Open arms to all students so never be afraid to drop on in,” Falli said.