The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

LION Newspaper

The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

LION Newspaper

Valentines Day desserts
Valentine's Day desserts
February 20, 2024

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Store gains media exposure

In her 14 years of owning the business, Tate’s owner Maria Marciniec has enjoyed people creating lasting memories in her store and this year’s filming and release of “Third Wheel” has her excited for the faces and experiences it will bring.

“I always love anytime anybody wants to film here at Tate’s,” Marciniec said. “We have been one of the longest stores in LaGrange and there’s a lot of history here so anytime it can get out for anybody else to see I love it.”

The movie “Third Wheel”, portraying a difficult romance, was created by the company Full Out Films along with producer Blake Tamarkin from California. They filmed clips of the LaGrange business Tate’s old fashioned ice cream in August of 2022 which took two hours to complete.  

“I am a strong believer that people, like me, appreciate a solid relatable story, that not only excites but resonates with the audience,” Tamarkin said.

The movie, along with its lovable story, first premiered on Oct. 14 at the AMC theater in Hodgkins. The movie will not be released to the general public however until late January of 2024 following its debut in the International Film Festival, Palm Springs. Tate’s has high hopes that their 10-15 seconds of fame will be enough to bring in customers from out of town, Marciniec said.

“A lot of people that follow the films will come in here,” she said. “We have that old fashioned look so it’s fun to bring people in.”

Growing up in LaGrange, these aspects of visiting Tate’s as a child influenced Tamarkin as well to use Tate’s in the film, he said. He was even able to include small omages to his childhood along with the locals’ views on the business. 

“I hope the locals appreciate the love I have for the town, but most importantly, I hope they’re proud to see LaGrange, their home, on the big screen,” Tamarkin said. 

The actors involved in the filming last summer have since had the opportunity of seeing the movie come to life and are able to show Tate’s in a new light. 

Anthony Casabianca, actor portraying Ray in “Third Wheel”, is especially ecstatic for the public release of the new movie, he said. Seeing a place he has gotten to know well shown to everyone is a renewing experience.

“The aesthetic of the store was so cool,” Casabianca said. “It was by far the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.”

He has also worked eighteen hours with the Full Out Films team, making sure the film accurately shows what our town is all about. 

“It was cute and small and everyone was just so friendly,” Casabianca said. “I like that there’s a communal connection; Tate’s was in a movie and therefore it gets more people’s attention towards the arts.” 

Movie lovers, ice cream fanatics, and LaGrange residents alike will be able to view this film set to release in early 2024. The heartbreak story combined with Tates’ memories Tamarkin hopes will bring joy to all. 

“There are ice cream businesses anywhere that would have been happy to partake in something fun like this, but Tate’s has always been, and always will be my favorite,” he said. “Thanks to Maria, it was a dream to be welcomed in, and it meant the world to include the beloved creamery in my debut picture.”

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