LT alumnus thrust into spotlight with renowned ‘Air’ screenplay

Hit movie debuts in theaters with overwhelmingly positive reviews


Poster for ‘Air’, movie debuted April 2023 (photo courtesy of Fandango).

Catherine Crousore, Reporter

A young LT alumnus with a dream, Alex Convery ‘10 struck big by writing the hit 2023 film “Air,” which follows the deal between multi-million dollar shoe company Nike and NBA All-Star athlete Michael Jordan to design the iconic Air Jordan shoe brand. In only its first day in theaters, “Air” made around $3.2 million, and $5.6 million by the second night.

“[“Air”] was like my little nights and weekends project,” Convery said. “It took me a long time to write it, about a year, but it was worth it.” 

Convery was introduced to the world of screenplay as a high school student. He learned  the basics of the craft during specific electives, such as playwriting, taught by Lawrence Keller. 

“I remember him being very knowledgeable about film and passionate about learning the craft,” Keller said. “There was clearly an intelligence, even back then.” 

His play, “Wishful Thinking,” was featured in the 2010 spring production of Tens By Teens, a production directed and written entirely by LT students that allows them to familiarize themselves with the production process, Keller said. His writing debut hit the stage as a darker variation of “Sleeping Beauty,” in which the character never wakes up. 

“He’s got the grit and energy to really pursue film writing,” Keller said. “You have to be a good salesman in the industry, and clearly he was very good and savvy about the business to break in.” 

Growing up in Western Springs, Convery spent his time watching various movies at the local LaGrange Theater, where he fell in love with the art of filmmaking. 

“Some of my foremost movie going experiences were going to LaGrange Theater,” Convery said. “It’s hard to fully process that ‘Air ’ was there.” 

After years of rejection, the script for “Air” caught the attention of A-list stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon after getting pitched by production companies to potential talents around winter of 2021, he said. After settling on the deal, the two co-directed the movie.

“I was guarded and skeptical at first,” Convery said. “I was ready for it to not happen. Then in January I got the call from producers to clear my schedule for next Tuesday to sit down and meet with [Affleck and Damon].”

After the film was finalized, Convery was given the sole writing credit, boosting his credibility and opportunities in the scriptwriting field, he said. 

“It’s definitely not over once you get a deal, agent, or a manager,” he said. “You have to keep writing. No one is going to do the work for you.”

Nowadays, the writers’ strike has put a halt on pitching ideas for many digital media projects, he said. Currently, screen writers continue to fight against the use of AI technology and demand higher percentages of profit.

“We’ve won before, and we’ll hopefully win again.” Convery said. “We’re protecting the profession from dying. We’re doing this for the next generation of writers, and they’ll do the same for the generation after.” 

Convery now resides in Los Angeles, continuing his work in the writing field. His movie “Air” can be viewed in select theaters and streamed on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.