Tens by Teens returns for 17th annual show

Writers, actors, directors prepared for student lead productions

Ellie Moran, Reporter

With a quick start-up and strong student leadership, actors put on a strong performance in the student led production Tens by Teens. The variety of 10-minute mini-plays, all written, directed, and acted out by LT students, rehearsed from March up until they were performed in late April.

Tens by Teens is a series of short plays written mostly by students in LT’s playwriting elective. The production represents LT’s experience and creativity in performing arts, playwright Naimah Arteaga ‘24 said. Actors perform pieces written by fellow students and directors lead them, with the occasional guidance of the writer to stay true to their creative vision.

“I think that what astounds most people every year is how mature the plays are,” Producer Lawrence Keller said. “People think that because they are student written, they might be trivial or unsophisticated.”

A writer’s main role, after composing the piece, is to check in periodically with the director to make sure that everything is running smoothly and their vision is being honored, Arteaga said. 

“My favorite part is the excitement and anticipation of seeing something I wrote being put on stage and brought to life,” Arteaga said. 

Writers were also heavily involved with the casting for their shows. Performers rehearsed every day after school in the PAC until 6 p.m. or later on weekdays. With a quick preparation period, performers and directors worked efficiently to prepare. 

“The coolest thing is the ability the students have to put on such amazing shows, and the fact that they are put together so quickly,” Theatre Board member Ivy Lambert ‘24 said. 

Cast members began rehearsing March 13, every day after school. The performances took place April 20-23 in the PAC.

Because the production introduces many aspects of performance and creativity, students can get an introduction to a wide variety of aspects in performing arts, Arteaga said. Tens by Teens allows a unique opportunity unlike many other productions, providing not only acting opportunities, but directing and writing as well.
“Tens by Teens is great for people who are new to LT Theatre,” Arteaga said. “If anyone is going to start off with a show, I think Tens by Teens is the best.”