Students strive to start new Ukrainian Club

Co-creators of club hoping for pilot status next year


Kole Beck-Jewusiak ‘24 and Maks Washchuk ‘24 hold Ukrainian flag outside of SC on April 11 (Garrity/LION).

Lillian Davis, Reporter

Sitting down waiting for track practice to begin, Kole Beck-Jewusiak ‘24 had an idea. He shared his proposal of starting a Ukrainian Club at LT with Maks Washchuk ‘24, who was sitting next to him at practice. Washchuk and Beck-Jewusiak share Ukrainian backgrounds as they both have parents from Poland and Ukraine. 

“[We] want to teach and share Ukrainian culture and the unique aspects that the culture offers,” Washchuk said. “This club will be able to create activities for others that not only are great ways to participate in Ukrainian culture but also great ways to learn about it as well.”

Depending on the club sponsor, Beck-Jewusiak is planning on the club meeting once a month or every two weeks, he said. He also wants to have more creative and interesting activities that will appeal to people such as going to Ukrainian restaurants, cooking Ukrainian food, and celebrating Ukrainian holidays and culture.

“There will be hands-on activities during this club and other sorts of projects to teach the tradition and cultural background of Ukraine,” Beck-Jewsiak said. “We’re [also] thinking of doing fundraisers to help Ukrainian families who are in need from the war.” 

Social studies teacher William Meuer is the unofficial club sponsor of this up-and-coming club. Meuer has been teaching at LT for over 20 years and is also currently the club sponsor for the Recycling Club at SC. He is not Ukrainian but is supporting of Ukraine and wants to potentially sponsor this club, Beck-Jewusiak said.

“If the student enthusiasm and interest is there to learn about other countries and cultures, I’ll be the sponsor to help the club through the trial [or] pilot phase to see if it generates enough interest to become an established club,” Meuer said. “I think this [club will] only help LT become a more inclusive school where students can feel a sense of connection.”

To make this an official club, Beck-Jewusiak and Washchuk worked together over the last month talking to Director of Student Activities Peter Geddeis, getting signatures, and recruiting a club sponsor. As of May 11, they have all 25 required signatures. If all goes as planned, the club will become a pilot status club at the start of the next school year and after the conclusion of the school year, the club can become official. 

“I think this club will help the school by bringing international awareness,” Beck-Jewusiak said. “Even though it doesn’t directly impact us [in the U.S.], the club will provide a more in depth view on [Ukraine] that has gone through so much in the past three years.”