Spring Art Show paints SC with color

New sponsorship allows for scholarships to be gifted


Alyssa Iovinelli’s drawing titled ‘All Tuckered Out,’ as shown in the 2023 Spring Art Show at SC (photo courtesy of Alyssa Iovinelli).

Jeanne Mardegan, News Editor, Website Editor

Springtime at LT allows for many traditions to continue each year: finals, Prom, graduation. In addition to the classics, for the past 31 years, the Art Department has looked forward to the end of the school year for its annual Spring Art Show. While locations have differed throughout the three decades it’s been held, this year it took place in room D103 at SC.

“I love seeing our AP Studio and senior work,” art teacher Mary Rohlicek said. “These kids are the best of the best [at] LT and I am consistently blown away by their amazing talent.”

The showcase highlights pieces from students of all grade levels, with representation of all art forms, she said. Examples of work that could be seen included animation, ceramics, digital art, drawing, metalsmithing, painting, photography, and sculpture. 

“It’s amazing to see so much good work from LT students all together at once,” art teacher Patrick Page said. “For the seniors, it is a capstone experience of their four year journey in our program. It’s wonderful to see how they’ve grown and how much they’ve accomplished.”

D103 is transformed into a gallery, as work is displayed by pinning pieces on panels and presentations on tables. The highlighted work is chosen by the students, typically from second semester. Even students who aren’t currently enlisted in an art elective can display work by simply talking with an art teacher, Rohlicek said.

This year, the showcase is sponsored by Dixon Law offices, a firm headed by a former LT family. They donated $1,000 in scholarships and students were able to submit a photo of their piece by April 11 with a written statement for winning consideration.

Senior students have a chance to display a collection of their work within their own panel, and this is a tradition that Alyssa Iovinelli ‘23 has been looking forward to since she witnessed her past senior friends have the opportunity, she said. The theme of Iovinelli’s art for the gallery is the “magic and innocence of childhood.”

“My favorite piece I created is titled, ‘All Tuckered Out,’ and it is a realistic colored pencil drawing of my little sister,” Iovinelli said. “I wanted to show how, as children, we would get tired from the simplest things, such as playing with our toys for so long. By the time we grow up, we experience many more things on a daily basis that are much more draining, and sometimes we just wish we could go back to being kids and playing with our toys without a care in the world.”

The Spring Art Show was held from April 14-23, marking the last big event of the school year for art students.

I am very upset that my time with the LT Art Department is coming to a close,” Iovinelli said. “It is a very surreal feeling, and I am really going to miss the new friends I made through my art classes, and the wonderful connections I made with the art teachers.”