Breaking news: Two students injured in separate incidents at NC within days of each other

Concerns about pedestrian safety increase


Exit door 7, where May 1 altercation occurred (Kowalski/LION).

Evelyn Kowalski, Editor in chief

Soon after the end of the school day on May 10, an LT student was struck by a car while he was leaving NC. The incident occurred on the East side of the Vaughan building near the intersection of Brainard and Burlington.

The student was seriously injured and transported to the hospital via ambulance, according to an email update from Principal Jen Tyrrell. The La Grange Police Department (LGPD) is currently investigating, and at this time the school cannot provide additional specific information regarding the incident. 

This accident after-school adds to community worry of safety around NC during and after school hours.

Just nine days before the car accident, on May 1, an altercation occurred outside of NC near Exit 7 at approximately 4:10 p.m.

According to the report made by the LGPD, the altercation involved several juveniles and an adult, and two arrests were made. On May 5, James Hernandez Jr. ‘23 was arrested and charged with battery. Another juvenile was arrested on May 10, and the charges included attempted first degree murder and aggravated battery-great bodily harm. 

 Two minors were injured in the altercation and one was seriously injured and remains hospitalized. The LGPD assures that this was an isolated incident and does not pose a threat to the community. 

Both incidents led to ongoing investigations, and the LGPD continues to work closely with the school administration. 

“Our Student Services staff are available to any student who needs support at both [NC and SC],” Tyrrell and Superintendent Brian Waterman wrote in an email communication to the school community. “If you are concerned about your student, please call 708-579-6343 at [NC] or 708-579-6510 at [SC].”