Student nears end of DIY go-kart project

Passion project of two years continues

Nicholas Barbera, News Editor, Multimedia Editor

Late August of 2021 marked the start of new beginnings for Nathan O’Hare ‘23, he said. It was the start of first semester junior year, the start of a seemingly normal school year, and the start of his Automotive Engineering and Fabrication class. It also marked the beginning of his work on his prized go-kart.

“When I first took the class, [students] had to decide on a final project and I thought that building a go-kart would be a fun project since I had signed up for the class both semesters junior year,” O’Hare said. “I didn’t end up finishing junior year so I took the class both semesters this year and plan on finishing it soon.”

O’Hare described his junior year as containing most of the structure of the go-kart including the planning of angles for the frame and cutting down pipe to weld it together. He also laid out the steering system and wheels.

“My favorite part [was] definitely when I welded the frame together because it was nice to see all of [the] parts I had been working on come together,” O’Hare said.

This year has included engine work, tweaking the brake and gas pedals, and adjusting the seats O’Hare said.

“Doing it through LT has been beneficial because my teacher is able to help and guide me on what to do next if I am stuck,” O’Hare said. “It is also nice because all of the tools are provided in the classroom.”

The project has helped O’Hare work towards his goal of studying engineering after high school. He has received help from teacher Jordan Engelhardt and peer Matthew Meehan ‘23 as of this year’s first semester.

“Nathan and I have worked pretty well together and we have problem-solved almost everything on our own,” Meehan said. “[My] favorite part [of] working on the go-kart is being able to see what you created and how amazing it is when it works.”

O’Hare plans to drive his go-kart around and sell it upon its completion.

“I feel like this project has given me a good start on the basics of engineering, considering I had to build and design everything from scratch,” O’Hare said.