New club forms, celebrates Polish culture

Polish Club starts for the first year in pilot status, aims to become official club

Mckinley Huffman, Reporter

There are numerous groups at LT dedicated to celebrating and exploring different cultures, such as French Club, Spanish Club, and even Latin Club. However, Polish Club is a new addition this year, and aims to create a space for students to learn more about Polish culture. 

Since September of this school year, this group has met monthly on Thursdays at a variety of locations and has quickly grown popular among a variety of students. 

“I think it’s important to have all of the different national clubs so that people can connect with each other’s cultures,” Filip Topor ‘23 said. “It’s great to have Polish culture included in this so that both Polish students and students of other ethnicities can come together to learn and celebrate.” 

Polish Club generally features a variety of activities, club sponsor Yvonne Glodz said. These may include going to Polish restaurants, making typical Polish foods, or playing traditional games. The goal of the group is to cultivate relationships among students who have a connection or interest in Poland, and to bring students together to celebrate Polish heritage. On average, 15-25 individuals attend each meeting.

“I feel like people form more friendships with each other than they would have otherwise,” Topor said. “I’ve gotten to know a lot more people that I would’ve probably never met if this club didn’t exist.”

This club is important to LT because it helps students come together, Glodz said. It means different things and is valuable to different people for many reasons; for example, some students find a sense of community in spending time with others who share a similar background. 

“It really just feels like getting together with friends,” Topor said. “I feel more connected with these people because a lot of their parents speak the same language and have the same background as my parents do. We both have the same culture, we eat the same food–it’s stuff like that brings you together.”

However, for other students, this group provides an opportunity to learn more about heritage that they are unfamiliar with. 

“I enjoy going to Polish Club meetings because honestly, I’m not that Polish,” Peter Mikulski ‘23 said. “It’s fun to learn about my culture from people who really know.”

The club is currently in pilot status, but hopes to become an official club next year, Mikulski said. Thanks to the help of passionate members and leaders, the group has been expanding more and more and is always open to new members. 

“When I see everyone interacting, laughing together, and asking questions, I observe the positive impact the club brings to the students,” Glodz said. “It helps them to develop a sense of unity, and builds our school community overall.”