New video series highlights excellence within school

Olivia Grefenstette, Opinions Editor

On the “Under the Spotlight” section of LT’s new website, students, faculty, and community members can find the school’s latest project to recognize outstanding people and programs on campus. 

A video series has been in the works to promote new course offerings and celebrate work and achievements within the LT community. This series is part of the new Strategic Plan created on June 13, 2022, for the 2022-2023 academic year with the mission statement: “Excellence, Innovation, and Empowerment.” 

“The programs that we are highlighting [in the videos] are programs we are really proud of,” Principal Jennifer Tyrrell said. “I am passionate about telling our story and video content helps bring that to life.”

While more upperclassmen are featured in the first few episodes of this series, LT aims to incorporate and recognize students from all grade levels in upcoming videos, Tyrrell said. These videos with closed captions, alongside audio and visuals, will be released every few weeks this semester. Two videos have already been posted on Jan. 3 which focus on the new yoga gym class offering and Matthew Walsh ‘23 for his contributions to the school, specifically within clubs on campus. 

I think it’s wonderful how Dr. Tyrrell is highlighting students and their accomplishments,” Walsh said. “There are so many unique and talented students here at LT, and with it being such a large student body, it’s easy to miss some of the amazing people that surround us.”

Walsh was highlighted for his leadership in Choir, Madrigals, WLTL, and Mr. LT. Walsh finds it an honor to be recognized, and he is truly grateful for this experience, he said. 

Alongside Tyrrell, Community Relations coordinator Mary Lin Muscolino has helped create and produce this video series.

Most of the recording and producing is done in-house and alumni will occasionally come back to help, Muscolino said. The goal of this video series is to get students interested in taking highlighted courses, clubs, and events. The school wants parents to see the great things going on at LT.

This is a chance for people to ‘experience’ what is excellent, innovative and empowering at LT,” Muscolino said. “We want people to smile and feel engaged with us.”