NC hosts Activity Leaders Breakfast for students

Students plan for increased engagement


Dr. Tyrell engaging with student leaders at the Activity Leaders Breakfast on Jan. 25 (Lazich/LION)

Cooper Anderson, In-Depth Editor

In the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, Student Activities Director Peter Geddeis and Principal Jennifer Tyrrell created the Activity Leaders Breakfast, giving students involved in extracurricular activities the opportunity to communicate and learn from one another. Geddeis and Tyrrell are able to gain feedback from the student leaders to see what changes or additions need to be made to the activities program at LTHS.

“[The breakfast] is good for [the students] because it gives them an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, both with adults who have the ability to make their requests happen, but also with each other,” Geddeis said. 

Maeve McGinn ‘23, design editor for the Tabulae yearbook, was chosen as one of the staff members to attend the first breakfast on Dec. 7 on behalf of the Tabulae staff, where she had the ability to share updates on her club, future goals, and even important elements, like fundraising and charity, McGinn said.

“[The breakfast] is motivational,” McGinn said. “You are able to hear what other clubs are doing, which encourages and inspires you to apply what they are doing to your own club.”

The Activity Leaders Breakfasts are aimed to be held monthly, and will routinely take place on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. During the breakfast, one of the main goals of gathering leaders together is so they can learn how to reach different students with the hopes of expanding their club. This was one of the main takeaways for executive board member of Recycling Club, Marin Allan ‘23, she said. 

“The Activity Leaders Breakfast is productive as a leader of a club because it [is] a helpful tool in learning how to get students to attend our meetings,” Allan said. “I am able to post on Recycling Club’s social media account to spread more awareness on when and where meetings are.” 

Geddeis and Tyrrell are planning on making new attempts to promote the abundance of clubs and activities LT has to offer, with the help of the feedback they received from the student leaders. There is an emphasis on getting students involved during the transition of going from SC as a sophomore, to NC as a junior, Geddeis said.

“We are looking at a way to feature all of the clubs during a school day at NC,” Geddeis said. “This would give students an opportunity to re-engage with the activities program when they are [at NC].”