PSI Club hosts forum for students, staff

Students have opportunity to use their voice, speak up about school issues


Laura Naduka ‘23 leads student discussion during PSI meeting (Ivancevic/LION).

Nina Ivancevic, Reporter

The Peaceable School Initiative (PSI) Forum is an opportunity for students to collaborate with administrators and other students to brainstorm ideas on how to improve the school environment and create an atmosphere where all students feel safe and welcome. 

“It’s a way for the students to use their voice and feel enabled to believe that this is their school,” advisor Gary Morrill said. 

The forum was held at NC on Nov. 17 and will be at SC in the spring. It was hosted in the NC library for a full period and was led by five PSI Student Executive Board members. The students participating came together to share ideas of what they thought LT was doing well and what they would have liked to see changes of–with the possibility to present these concepts to a panel of administrators. 

“It’s about trying to pull that [courage to speak] out and trying to have those conversations of what students would like to see change,” Morrill said.

During the meeting, students brought up issues they faced in regards to the school bathrooms, the cafeteria and bus transportation. Topics regarding classroom conversations about race and gender were also noted in discussions. 

“It’s an opportunity for students to share their vision of what they would like LT to be like,” advisor Annette Orrico said. “It’s an opportunity to problem solve issues that they are aware of.”

The forum also gives administrators the chance to bring up topics of their own and ask student questions about what they would like to see changed, or strategies to improve issues if change isn’t possible. 

“I just wanted to be a part of a club that helps people,” Executive Board member Zoe Knott said.

During the forum, the topic of student drug addiction and how the school can help decrease this issue was raised. Students recognized the topic of sexual assault as well as school violence. 

“The members were all very supportive as well with our ideas,” Rebecca Barry ‘24 said.

PSI Club strives to create a positive environment and a welcoming atmosphere where all students feel welcomed, safe and valued, Orrico said.