Latin group connects with dancing heritage

Forms new student bonds through culture, togetherness


Members of the Latin dance group dance in a hallway at NC while wearing traditional Latin dance wear at the meeting taking place on Nov. 30 after school (Moran/LION).

Ellie Moran, Reporter

With their very first meeting on Nov. 2, Lyons Latin Dancers is a brand new addition to LT’s assortment of clubs. Bringing together students who enjoy dancing to modern and traditional music from Latin American countries, the group promotes cultural connections, club sponsor Lorena Lagis said.

Although Lyons Latin Dancers currently lacks sufficient rehearsal space, leaders are working to find more open locations to host the club’s members, Lagis said. Meetings consist of many, but are not limited to, students with a Latino background seeking to enjoy dance and music. 

“Both of my parents were born in Mexico, so I can relate to the music and pride that these students have,” Lagis said. “I want to support that as much as I can.” 

While the group has not had any official performances yet, pop up shows and demonstrations at school events are options on the table in the coming future, Lagis said. The idea for the club was brought to the table by a group of students who performed at the All-school Assembly last year, one of the students being Samantha Villarreal ‘25.

“We got to dance at the All-school [Assembly] which ignited our idea to start this club,” Villarreal said.”

This plan came into action with the approval of Lyons Latin Dancers as an official club this semester. Lyons Latin Dancers also plans to perform at the All-school Assembly in coming years. Working with others, improving leadership skills, and making friends are all benefits of this club, Villarreal said. Students are brought together through cultural dances and unique activities. Many types of dances are practiced, such as Bachata, Salsa, Baile Folklorico, and more. 

“Dance is a great way to get to know people,” Villarreal said. “Folklorico dance is also easier to pick up so anyone can join and just have a good time.” 

One of the biggest things this club revolves around is the love of dance and Latin culture, Lagis said. With various cultural dance groups previously at LT, the addition of Lyons Latin Dancers brings a fresh perspective to the LT community.

“Even though I’m still getting to know these students, I’m very proud of them for showcasing their Latino culture in music and dance for the LTHS community to see,” Lagis said.