Orchestra participates in first performance of year

Eighth graders play alongside high school students


Students in 2022-2023 Sinfonietta Orchestra pose for a photo (Ruppery/LION).

Sadie Ruppert, Reporter

Preparing since the start of the school year, the LT Orchestra planned to have their first concert performance on Nov. 1. The concert was performed in the Reber Center with some pieces played by eighth grade students from local feeder schools along with all levels of the LT Orchestra.

Earlier in the day, the eighth grade students came to LT to learn music pieces side by side with the high school orchestra students, orchestra conductor Jan Matthews said. 

“They [got] to learn music, then come back later in the day to see the Reber Center, and perform the piece they learned,” Matthews said. 

The high school students got an eighth grade stand partner who practiced music with them, Audrey Puckett ‘24 said.

“It is a really good experience for the eighth graders, because you feel like you’re getting to play music with the big kids,” Puckett said. “I remember doing it and I thought it was so cool, and it made me want to keep playing in the orchestra and be like the high schoolers.”

The experience was exciting for the high schoolers to be able to teach the eighth graders what they’ve learned, and be able to answer any questions and offer guidance to them, she said.

“It is really exciting to see people who are really eager to play,” Puckett said “Once you get older it is easy to put too much pressure on yourself and forget why you started playing orchestra, and it is really refreshing to see so much life brought to the rehearsal”. 

There are three levels of orchestra at LT: Concert Orchestra at SC, with Symphony and Sinfonietta Orchestra at NC. Sinfonietta is the highest level of orchestra, and students have to audition to be a part of the group, Matthews said. 

“Before the concert, we all [got] a lot more focused in class,” Matthews said. “We listen to our pieces a lot, and it is my expectation that students practice more at home.”

Students always follow this advice, and make sure they are preparing themselves for their performance, Puckett said. 

“I make sure to write notes in my music before a concert, and play at home with a metronome to make sure I stay on tempo,” Puckett said. 

The students worked very hard in rehearsal in order to put on their concert, Matthews said. 

“Playing on stage really reminds us of why we do it,” Matthews said. “Getting the feeling of what it is like to have everyone do their thing is very exciting, and it is a privilege to get to share this with our family and friends.”