Recycling Club gears up for new year

Club hosts annual fundraiser, welcomes underclassmen to join


Club members Ben Hornickle ’25 and Bridget Shoup ’25 dump recycling into recycle-safe dumpster outside of SC (photo courtesy of Hornickle).

Matthew Klos, Reporter

Recycling Club is one of the countless clubs offered at LT, although it is one of the most environmentally beneficial clubs offered, club co-Presidents Katie Layden ‘23, Terra Schommer ‘23, and Emily McKenna ‘23 said. The Recycling Club meets every Tuesday in the NC library and every Wednesday in the SC library to give back to LT in a unique way and have fun while doing it. 

The weekly meetings typically begin with snacks and a quick recycling-based game, Layden said. These games set the tone for the meeting and provide an opportunity to get to know each other. 

“Whether it’s a Kahoot, scavenger hunt, or recycling basketball, it is always a great way to get our meetings started off right,” Layden said.

After games, the co-Presidents divide club members into separate groups in order to ensure no mistakes while separating recyclables and garbage.

“It is a great thing to be a part of because we only meet once a week and collaborate as a club to give back to LT and the community,” Layden said. “The janitors already have a super heavy workload and do so much for the school, so having the chance to give back [to them] is special.”

Although Layden joined the club her junior year, she is already co-president along with Schommer and McKenna, Layden said. She originally joined the club to spend more time with classmates that she didn’t have the opportunity to see often during the school day, but she quickly realized it interested her more than she previously anticipated. 

“Being co-president of the club is also awesome because it requires leadership skills, although the role itself is not that much work,” Schommer said. “Most work we have to do is planning fundraisers and guiding the underclassmen on what they can or can’t recycle.” 

The club divides up by group every week and each group takes a floor. The group sorts recycling bins and makes sure they are filled with only recyclable products. From there, the recyclables are separated into their own bin and recycled. 

“The pros to the role completely outweigh the cons,” McKenna said. “Being co-president of the club has given me the opportunity to meet and share ideas with new people that I wouldn’t have met elsewhere.” 

The club is held at both NC and SC, although there are some significant changes between the two, McKenna said. Meetings take place after school every Wednesday at SC, and every Tuesday after school at NC. 

“The club thrives at [NC],” McKenna said. “We have a lot more participation and engagement at [NC] which is what makes the club enjoyable.”

Meetings at SC also consist of three to six kids assigned per floor, taking out recycling from the green bins and dumping it into the recycling dumpsters behind the school. 

“Meetings generally take no more than 15 to 20 minutes,” SC Club member Ben Hornickle ‘25 said. “Before the Recycling Club was introduced, recycling [at LT] was an issue that nobody took responsibility for,” Hornickle said. “Now that the club is responsible for the recycling, the issue has been completely resolved.” 

The Recycling Club is holding its annual Chipotle fundraiser on Nov. 15, a great opportunity to support the club, Schommer said.