New scoreboard installed on Bennett Field

Celebrates anniversary of LTHS Alumni Association


Scoreboard displayed on SC Bennett Field (Barbera/LION).

Nicholas Barbera, News Editor, Multimedia Editor

The Sept. 9 Whiteout home football game against Hinsdale Central served as the big debut of the $250,000 scoreboard.

“It’s actually crazy,” Trevor DeVries ‘25 said. “[The board is] so cool now. They [have] the logos [of the teams] and the touchdowns displays.”

Fundraising for the new scoreboard started earlier this year. Several parties have contributed, mainly the LTHS Alumni Association (celebrating its 20th anniversary) and the LT Boosters Club, according to a message on the LTHS website by President of Alumni Association Jay Cozza.

“I know the last two years have been challenging in so many ways,” Cozza wrote. “Now, it is time to rebuild, grow, and gain from our experience.”

The justification for the board included in Cozza’s message includes turning Bennett Field into more than a center for sporting events.

“Like everything else in today’s world, the price of the new scoreboard seems high,” Cozza said. “[However,] it is also an LED video board capable of making the stadium a multi-media venue.” 

With the installation and recent usage of the board, this claim came to fruition. The new board was supposed to be used for a screening of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. for the first Homecoming Movie Night, but was postponed due to lightning and rain.

“[There is] a $5 suggested donation,” a page detailing this year’s Homecoming week on the LT Website said. “Concessions from LT’s BIZ Concessions club [will be featured].”

Some attendants of the Whiteout game appreciated the updated version of the scoreboard, but pondered what other investments the school could’ve used the fundraised money on.

“It’s excellent [and] vivid in color,” LT parent John Stavropoulos said. “[But] man, I’d like to see what else [$250,000] could get before one decides on that.”

Other additions to the field include a repainting of the track as well as a plaque residing beneath the scoreboard thanking donors for Bennett Field’s lights (mentioning an ‘Under the Lights’ event that took place 26 years prior on Sept. 9, 1995) and honoring Thomas A. Kelly and Edgar D. Gifford.