2022 Class Board prepares for upcoming senior prom at Navy Pier

Narrows down decorations, menu, music


The promotional poster that can be found on the prom planning guide on the LT Website (photo courtesy of LT webpage).

Nicholas Barbera, Reporter

After planning and fundraising for the last four years, the 2022 Class Board wrapped up its preparations for the senior prom, which is set to take place on May 22 at Navy Pier. Setup for the event included securing the venue, food, and a boat ride throughout Downtown Chicago. 

“[LT has] been [hosting prom at] Navy Pier for as long as both my brothers went here, and my first brother graduated in 2016,” Class Board President Michael Byrne ‘22 said. “It’s a great venue. People like going down to the city, especially Navy Pier. It’s a good opportunity that we get to do that for prom.”

Part of the visit to the venue included taste testing the possible future menu, Byrne said. The representatives of the 2022 Class Board decided on chicken Vesuvio, salmon with pesto sauce, bread rolls, Caesar salad, vodka sauce pasta with white cheddar, mash potatoes, and cheesecake bites for dessert, to name a few.

“I think the biggest challenge is trying to pick themes, decorations, food, and music that everybody is happy with,” Byrne said. “Trying to make everybody happy is a tough thing to do, but at the end of the day, if you brainstorm and you consider a lot of different choices, you can pick the best outcome for everybody.”

In addition to the food, the board worked with Navy Pier to secure an approximately two hour- long boat ride along the lakefront. It is available to seniors attending prom for an extra cost, which will be about $50, Class Board secretary Ava Froelich ‘22 said.

“We got to go on the Odyssey, which is the huge boat in Chicago and it’s insane,” board member Maia Halm ‘22 said. “It was really cool to be able to get an in depth experience before everybody else.”

Other notable aspects of the prom revolve around its planning, including an RGML Entertainment DJ, a business owned by an LT alumnus. Another element is the overarching theme, which will be a surprise for seniors. 

“My favorite part was definitely coming up with the theme,” Halm said. “Once you find out, it goes really well together. Ava had to explain what the meaning is, but [I] definitely really like the theme.”

Class Board is also in charge of fundraising for the senior gift and Lyonspalooza, but with an event that has been a work in progress for four years right around the corner, prom has been a focus for Halm.

“It’s everything,” Halm said. “It’s so exciting because mainly everyone knows what prom is, and to be able to plan it and help coordinate everything that’s going into it is such a surreal experience.”