Crafting Center opens in NC upper level library

Makerspace offers creative projects for students during study hall periods


Students make bath bombs (photo courtesy of @lthslibrary).

Olivia Grefenstette, Reporter

While the library has hosted themed weeks for almost a decade, the Makerspace—a new crafting room at NC—opened for student use between late February and early March, NC Librarian Cheri Price said. The Makerspace is designed to combine community engagement with creativity; it is learning by doing.

Two well-known theme weeks the library puts on are Team Tech week and Fall Teen Read week, Price said. During these weeks, the library offers activities such as trivia, crafts, and STEM projects. 

“I think what makes [these activities] so great is the pure childish fun that they are,” Anne Dillon ‘23 said. “Who doesn’t miss the simplicity of being a kid? They are something fun to look forward to.”

The spirit and opportunities of these events are now accessible to students daily through the Makerspace. In this space, students have access to a 3D printer, a button maker, crafting materials, STEM projects, and much more. 

“All you need to do is be open to trying new things,” Price said. “This hands-on, inquiry based learning, is a great way to unplug.”

These amenities are offered at both campuses; however, the Makerspace is only at NC as of now, SC Substitute Librarian Julia Furukawa said. Students can come to the library during their lunch period and/or a non-lunch study hall. While official events are not scheduled everyday, students are able to stop by the library and see what is happening or check the library’s Twitter and Instagram, @librarylths, as well as the LTHS website.

Hosting community events is a core value of the library, and the Makerspace is just an extension of that principle, Price said. The Makerspace is for connection-building, exploring one’s interests, and just unwinding.

“Sometimes it’s not about learning but just having fun and relaxing,” NC Library Paraprofessional Al Karpiak said.