All-school Assembly is back

Lillian Davis , Freelance writer

Student Council President Maia Halm ‘22 has been on student council since her sophomore year. This year, she has been working hard with the rest of the student council to bring back the All-school Assembly. 

“Our main focus for this year is ‘LTs got talent,’ to showcase student talents,” Halm said. “We usually bring in outside talents [such as] acrobats, but this year we wanted to focus more on the talents inside of LT.” 

This year’s All-school Assembly will be on April 22, which is a little later than usual. The typical All-school Assembly happens in late January or early February, Student Council Advisor Peter Geddeis, said. The assembly will be in the NC Fieldhouse, like normal. The assembly typically takes place in the morning from around 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Geddeis said. However due to the bus driver shortage this year, the assembly might start a little bit later in the morning. 

“[What we have planned for this year so far] is the half court shot, tug of war, bubble soccer, musical chairs, and dodgeball (teachers vs students),” Student Council Member Nina Ivancevic ‘24 said.  

There are multiple groups of Student Council members that each have a separate job when it comes to putting together this assembly: “super fans” are made up of student council members that have been really involved with the council. Their job is to hype up the crowd by throwing T-shirts and doing different things during transitions, Halm said. The outreach group contacts different clubs and sports teams to see how they want to be involved in the assembly. The activities group puts together the different games that the clubs and sports teams will be participating in, Ivancevic said. 

“COVID-19 effected the planning for the assembly greatly for about three months,” Geddeis said. “We had to postpone it, and also start planning for an out-door assembly, [which was difficult] because a lot of the games we had planned [wouldn’t have been able to be done outside.]” 

Last year, there wasn’t an All-school Assembly due to COVID-19; instead, Student Council made a compilation video of past assemblies, Halm said. 

“[This year], I’m just excited to see everybody together,” Halm said. “The thing that I’m most excited for is the fact that there’s 2,000 people that haven’t ever seen it before, so we have to make it big.” 

This assembly is similar to the pep rally that was in October, but on a much larger scale, Geddeis said. It is also different from the pep rally, because the All-school Assembly is only students and staff. 

“The All-school Assembly is so special, because we are a split campus and we have one day a year that we’re all together as an entire school,” Halm said. “It’s just such a cool experience and being able to do the LTHS chant with all four grades, all the teachers, all in one room, is incredible.” 

LT is a very unique highschool, as it has two separate campuses. Activity directors and club sponsors from other high schools have come to LT in the past to observe this assembly, because it’s not like anything that happens at other schools, Geddeis said. 

“The All-school Assembly is the one opportunity during the course of the school year where all 4,000 students are in the same place at the same time,” Geddeis said. “It is just a great celebration of LT.”