Say Something Week held by SAVE Promise club

Promotes students, staff to report potential violence

Say Something week logo (photo courtesy of

Elle Simek, Reporter

SAVE Promise club held say something week from March 14-18. According to the LTHS website, the Say Something program was created by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization. The program established Say Something Week in order for students to learn how to look for signs that someone may want to hurt themselves or others, and report that information to a trusted adult. 

“I am a Sandy Hook Promise Leader and I founded the SAVE Promise club at LT in 2018, along with five students, one month after the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,” SAVE Promise club sponsor Patricia Callahan said. “The Say Something program is one of four Know the Signs youth violence prevention programs developed by Sandy Hook Promise. These life saving programs were developed to prevent violence in our schools before it happens.”

SAVE Promise club has been working during club meetings to find the best ways to promote the week’s message.

“As a club, we met and talked about different activities we could do throughout the week,” SAVE Promise club member Natalie Schurla ‘22 said. “We all talk openly about ideas we have and work to create the best week possible.”

Say Something Week had multiple events happening during the week such as having a water bottle sticker giveaway, and teachers putting up signs in their classrooms. The goal the club had for the week was to empower students.

“Kids are often the first ones to see their classmates struggling, so it’s important to know the three steps,” SAVE Promise club sponsor Luke Jansen said. “One: [Be] aware of the warning signs, two: act immediately, and three: say something to a trusted adult.”

There are many ways people can adapt the [weeks] message into their own lives, Jansen said.

“Be proactive,” Callahan said. “Know the signs of someone who might be a threat to themselves or others and get them help.”

Students at LT felt the message of Say Something Week week, Schurla said. This week is important to many students at LT and it is essential for students to learn how to be proactive.

“I enjoy educating myself and others on how to create the safest and healthiest community possible,” Schurla said. “I want students to know that they have the ability to make a difference.”

SAVE Promise Club hosts another event during the school year called Start With Hello Week which takes place in September.