Lifeguard club hosts Pet Supply Drive

Collects supplies for animal shelters in the community


Photo courtesy of Patricia Devitt) Lifeguard Club members met on 1/20, seen next to donation bins

Evelyn Kowalski, Reporter

Throughout the months of December and January, Lifeguard club held a Pet Supply Drive to collect donations for local animal shelters. They collected a wide variety of supplies, including toys, treats, wet and dry food, leashes, blankets, towels, and more. Donation bins were located at the main entrances of NC and SC, both campus libraries, and the SC pool. 

“We just really wanted to do something nice for our community, and hopefully this will be a new tradition we are starting,” Lifeguard club sponsor Patricia Devitt said. “My favorite thing is how excited not only the kids have gotten, but the people stopping me and saying how great this is.”

In December, 72 items were given to CatNap from the Heart in La Grange, and 317 were given to Animal Care League in Oak Park. In January, Lifeguard club collected 281 donations for the Hinsdale Humane Society, and 117 for CatNap. 

A lot of drives at LT focus on clothing or supplies for people, but not for animals,” club treasurer Malia Fink ‘23 said. “We know that animal shelters are constantly in need of supplies, so we thought that doing a pet supply drive would be a great chance for LT to help out animals in need. Seeing how thankful the workers and animals are has been a really rewarding experience.”

Fink and club secretary, Caroline Tio ‘22 have helped transport the donations to the animal shelters. 

“The best thing about this drive is how we get to help animals and give them things they need to survive,” Tio said. “It was so great to see how much pet supplies we ended up getting through the helping hands of LT.”