Transition Program opens coffee, hot chocolate stand

Proceeds provide students schooling, job opportunities


Transition students sell coffee and hot chocolate at NC library (Grefenstette/LION).

Olivia Grefenstette, Reporter

For well over a decade, the Transition Program has been serving students with disabilities and the community. It is designed for students, after graduation, who need or want extra support and guidance into the adult world, Program teacher David Paske says. Transition students are connected to opportunities such as job training, internship opportunities, and college classes.

“It really helped me adapt to adult life through a wonderful experience that really gave me the full potential to learn about the working world,” student Brendan Hernandez ‘20 said.

Recently, the Transition Program has opened a stand in the NC library, where coffee and hot chocolate are sold for $1. The students are in the library Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. However, if customers are unable to make it to the library during those time slots, there is a Keurig machine available the rest of the day. Coffee and hot chocolate pods for the Keurig are available for purchase from the librarians. 

All the proceeds go back to helping the Transition students and ten percent goes to the new LT Cares program as well. The money raised from sales can help pay for students’ tuition for colleges, such as the College of DuPage. The profits can also help fund students’ microbusinesses, enabling Transition students to engage in the community and generate income. These opportunities are life-changing, and allow students to meet their full potential, student Spencer Vizgirda ‘20 said. 

“For those who do have a disability, they deserve a second chance where they can be able to seek greater opportunities,” Hernandez said. “This proves how just one cup from Transition Perks has the power to not only brighten your day, but to also aid the lives of other hard working students.”