SEBC plans event for MLK Day event in January

Reminds community of day’s importance

Nicholas Barbera, Reporter

The Student Equity and Belonging Committee (SEBC) is planning an event for Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day, to remind attendees about the importance of the day, as well as the legacy of MLK.

“This is the first year we’re doing something for MLK,” committee co-chair Abraham Morales ‘22 said. “It’s nice, we’re actually going to be able to celebrate it this year and do something big for it.”

The club’s plans include two separate events, with the first taking place on Jan. 14 for students. The committee’s current plan is to allow teachers the opportunity to schedule their classes for a lunch/study session, in which they can learn more about King. These sessions will show a presentation that will include a speech by King titled “What is Your Life’s Blueprint?”. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions about the activist. 

“I think people don’t know we are given the day off to better ourselves and our community,” committee co-chair Sophia Dike ‘23 said. “That’s why we’re showing a lesser known speech; to try and get people to know other things [King] advocated for.”

The second half is a birthday party for MLK at the La Grange Public Library on Jan. 17 geared towards a younger audience. The party will feature informative activities about the day and King, Director of Equity and Belonging Dr. Jennifer Rowe said.

“One of my favorite things we do as a school is serving the community,” Principal Dr. Jennifer Tyrrell said. “The opportunity for LT to engage in a day of service will be really powerful and special.”

For the library event, the committee will read a children’s book titled “Martin’s Big Words,” play a song by Stevie Wonder dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement, and set up informational crafts to teach participants about King, committee co-chair Jinann Shoshara ‘22 said.

“Connecting with younger kids and getting them involved at a young age I think is important,” Shoshara said. “The collaboration effort [among the community] will be really heartwarming to see, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.”