Student forms Older Adult Connections club

Works to bridge gap between generations in the community


Older Adult Connections club members meet in the NC Reber Center on Oct. 7 to watch the Jazz Ensemble concert with senior citizens (photo courtesy of Jessica Roessler).

Ryan Whelton, Reporter

Members of the Older Adult Connections club at LT entertained senior citizens from Aging Care Connections and Plymouth Place during the Jazz Ensemble concert in the NC Reber Center on Thursday, Oct. 7. They shared the experience by sitting together with the elders during the performance.

“The senior citizens were smiling the whole time and clearly enjoyed the experience,” club creator Connor Crowe ’22 said. “The concert was fantastic, and many senior citizens asked to be invited back to the Jazz Ensemble’s next concert after hearing the amazing musical performance.”

Over the past year, senior citizens have been especially impacted by  COVID-19, having to distance themselves from friends and family due to the high risk of catching the virus. The club was started by Crowe this year to bridge the gap between senior citizens and the rest of society as we head back towards normalcy. 

“Many senior citizens face isolation on a daily basis and during COVID-19 this issue was magnified,” Crowe said. “I saw many seniors in our community dealing with isolation and decided to create a club that would organize fun events that would give senior citizens and LT students the opportunity to hang out at events.”

Older Adult Connections club also allows students the opportunity to defy stereotypes that teenagers are stuck with, especially by older generations, club sponsor Jessica Roessler said. 

Roessler noted that common misconceptions, such as teenagers always being on their technology, can be easily assumed about younger generations by elderly people. However, the interaction between students and older adults at their first event disproved this belief.

“None of them were distracted by phones or friends,” said Roessler. “They were absolutely present in the moment, and I think that made such a pleasant experience for everybody.”

All announcements, meeting dates, events, and other related content are communicated through their Instagram, @ltolderadultconnections, and club page on LT’s website. There is also a link to a Google spreadsheet in their Instagram bio, which is how students can see and sign up for the desired event. Anyone is welcome to join, club member Megan Quinlan ‘22 said. 

The next event is on Thursday, Nov. 11; the club is inviting elders to watch the school’s production of  “The Wizard of Oz” with students at the SC PAC.