Baccalaureate goes virtual

After last year’s cancellation, tradition restarts


Baccalaureate program artwork by Sadie Madden ’21 (phot courtesy of Mica Vahl).

Lily Hanafin, Reporter

After the cancellation of Baccalaureate last year due to the pandemic, the tradition will be restarted with a virtual showcase. Baccalaureate is a senior showcase that allows seniors to reflect on the past four years of high school by reading poems, performing songs or writing speeches. The participating students chose the theme “Apart Together” for this year’s showcase as a way to address the pandemic that affected their junior and senior years. 

“Pandemic or no pandemic, Baccalaureate is a program that is steeped in tradition at LT, and continuing on with the tradition of expressing gratitude and reflection is a really important closing event for seniors after their four year journey through high school,” Baccalaureate sponsor Kristine Blachinski said.

Typically the showcase would be held two weeks before graduation in the Reber Center, but due to the pandemic, the show is now being held virtually. Students are given the option to film their performances from the Reber Center or from another location. These one to two minute videos will then be compiled into one long video to be streamed.  

“This year will be more challenging because it will be a virtual rather than in person program, but we are working really hard to connect with as many students as possible to make this a meaningful memory,” Baccalaureate sponsor Mica Vahl said. 

This year, viewers can expect to see around 20 to 30 individual performances along with performances from Eurythmics and Varsity Choir, Blachinski said. While some of the individual performers are going to perform pandemic related speeches, there are many performers that will not be focusing on the pandemic and rather their personal experience at LT. 

The video is likely to be released a week before graduation and will be available on the LTHS website.

Even without an audience, Sadie Madden ‘21 is looking forward to the showcase as a way to end her senior year.

“It’s a nice reflection of all that we’ve done at LT and all that LT has done for us,” Madden said. “It is important to recognize all of the good things that have happened at LT and also how lucky we are to be at a school that can provide us with so many resources.”