Peaceable Schools Initiative Pep fair provides stress relief for students


(photo courtesy of PSI’s instagram)

Grace Moore, Reporter

During lunch periods on Wednesday, March 3 and 10, Peaceable Schools Initiative provided stress relief for students by holding their annual PEP fair. PSI is a club at LT that tries to make the school a more welcoming place, club member Keira Jensen ‘22 said.

The PSI annual PEP fair offers students the chance to go to the SC Corral or NC and SC libraries during their class periods. A teacher brings his or her class down to participate in different activities like board games, meditation or short group projects, Jensen said. 

This year, due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the club held the event via Zoom during two March lunch periods.

“We wanted to give students something fun to do and help them relieve stress,” Jensen said. 

 On Zoom, groups of one to four people could make their own “stand,” which was actually just a breakout room, Jensen said. The about 40 students that came to the Zoom could choose to go into a laughter room, personality test room or meditation room.  At the end of each activity, the leaders of the rooms would hold discussions on what the participants had just experienced. 

“Even though there’s different circumstances this year, we thought it was still important to continue it,” PSI leader Carrie Narbutis ‘22 said. 

Some teachers brought their classes to the event if they had time or students went on their own accord.

“The students that came were well adapted to the activity, and they were really well engaged,” Narbutis said. 

All of the club members took part in the planning of this event at club meetings which are now held in person in the SC cafeteria.