Steppers participate in online conference

Steppers start off their season with non-competitive meet


Students prepare for online Steppers conference in SC PAC (photo courtesy of Johnson).

Janessa Mosqueda, Reporter

LT Steppers participated in “I Step,” a virtual conference intended to bring step teams together, introduce themselves to each other and take part in a friendly competition before the competition season starts. Since the team had not participated in any competitions due to COVID-19, head coach Macassa Johnson was trying to figure out a way for the steppers to participate in a virtual conference. She met up with other coaches in order to plan “I Step” as an online event, she said.

 “Step can be very competitive,” Johnson said. “We always try to set a positive tone for the season when we all meet at this conference.”

The “I Step” conference took place on Dec. 12 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. via Zoom. Although participants were unable to attend the conference in person, they were still able to receive their annual conference t-shirts via mail.

“We always have this conference in the beginning of the season,” steppers captain Careena Juarez ‘22, said. “At this conference, it’s all friendly, and we have no rankings, but we are trying to see where our competition for this year is at.”

The steppers learned different steps, discussed what makes a good stepper, and spoke about how the leadership aspects of step could carry on into their future careers and aspirations, Juarez said. 

When in person, the team practices every Monday from 3:05 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the LT SC PAC, Johnson said. Due to COVID-19, they had been meeting online, but started in-person practice on Feb. 1. The steppers practice to prepare for about 35 competitions, but as of right now, they have not had any competitive meets this season. 

“Hopefully we’re able to have a competition this year,” steppers co-captain Abrianna Baker ‘22 said. “Our coaches are trying to plan something over Zoom similar to the ‘I Step’ conference.  Our team has been practicing really hard, so we can’t wait to compete.”