Student Council creates video in honor of staff appreciation week

Charlotte McLaughlin, reporter

As the school year comes to a close, Student Council decided to embark on one more project to honor LT’s staff during staff appreciation week, Student Council sponsor Peter Geddeis said. Student council developed a script and asked other students to contribute to a video that was edited together.

“They determined that, since they couldn’t express their gratitude in person, they would solicit a variety of students to contribute to the project and post it online,” he said.

In the video, which was released May 8, over 50 students, siblings, and friends voiced their gratitude towards the LT staff members.

“We had 10 Student Council members speak to each group of staff to include everyone, and [we had] more LT students participate in saying a slogan to get as many faces in the video as possible,” Macy Seigfried ‘20 said. 

The students wanted to reciprocate the thoughtful videos made by teachers by making their own, Seigfried said. They wanted to make the staff feel appreciated and know that they’re missed during the quarantine. 

“The goal was to recognize the work that LT’s staff puts in throughout the school year, particularly this year,” Geddeis said. “Based on the reactions we received from staff members, the sentiment was greatly appreciated.”

A soundtrack was added, and the final video was edited by Leo Bruni ‘20, who was a leader in making this whole project possible, Geddeis said. 

“I hope that the video just reminds people that we are still connected even though we may be separated,” Bruni said. “It just reminds the staff that we care about them. I have had a lot of staff reaching out to me and saying how much the video meant to them.”

Though difficult to coordinate and record virtually, Student Council and their sponsors are very pleased with how the video turned out and the effect it’s having on the staff, Bruni said. 

“The entire project was entirely conceived and executed by the students,” Geddeis said. “So we are really proud of the final product, [and] I’m extraordinarily proud of the work that they did.”