Mia Gales ‘20 creates Facebook page, keeps seniors connected

Facebook logo (courtesy of creative commons).

Facebook logo (courtesy of creative commons).

Brianna Fonseca, reporter

From “Tiger King” memes to e-learning jokes to senior college decisions, Mia Gales’ ‘20 Facebook page has given seniors an opportunity to stay connected during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. As more postings go up on the Facebook wall, seniors are communicating through light-hearted jokes and college talk.

“The whole situation kind of hit me hard initially when all the LT activities were cancelled,” Gales said.“But this page has helped me stay positive and was one of the biggest things keeping me connected to the other seniors.“It’s really helped people who don’t usually talk to each other have an opportunity to bond.”

The Facebook page was created after Gales posted to her Snapchat story asking if other seniors would be interested in communicating through a larger interface solely dedicated to LT’s class of 2020, she said. Since then, around 350 seniors have joined and consistently posted on the platform.

“I hope that all graduating seniors look at this event as a learning experience, they have every right to be upset about their senior year, and final sports seasons,” Mia’s dad, Deric Gales said. “However, in the grand scheme of things, this is a small portion of your life—even though it may seem like the only thing that matters right now, lean on your friends and family and we will get through this.”

Since the Facebook page was updated, Gales has inspired other seniors like Olivia Wirtz ‘20, and Chris Vasti ‘20 to make an Instagram account publicly announcing seniors college decisions next to their major and picture.

“[The Facebook page] inspired me to make an Instagram page of my own and has given me something to do in my free time, whether that is just scrolling and reading messages or commenting and interacting with my peers” Wirtz said. “I hope it spreads the message that no matter what happens, we still have each other and we are, and always will be, the LTHS class of 2020.”