LT student trains to run Half marathon, Spartan Run


Sabina Llerenas ’21 trains.

Charlotte McLaughlin, reporter

As the half-marathon on May 9 in Yosemite, Calif., and the Spartan Run on May 31 in Chicago slowly approach, Sabina Llerenas ‘21 trains harder now than she ever has before. Currently, her main focus is the half marathon, Llerenas said.

“I’ve always dreamed about doing a half marathon,” she said. “That race is the start to my journey of eventually running a full marathon and hopefully an ironman in the future. For the Spartan Run, on the other hand, I just plan on having fun.”

Llerenas trains at CrossFit Posted in Brookfield three times a week with trainer Nicole Daly. Llerenas started CrossFit in seventh grade, her mother Adriana Llerenas said.

“Sabina started training harder in 2016 when she started training at CrossFit,” Adriana said. “[She] saw the need to complete her training with running, so she joined the running team too. I feel she did it to feel physically better but also because she loves challenges.”

A half marathon is roughly 13.1 miles long and requires high levels of endurance. It can also be fairly intimidating for younger runners, Daly said.

“Over the course of my training, I’ve built up a lot of speed and endurance,” Llerenas said. “I have learned that most of the movements and runs are more mental than physical. Overall, I definitely feel a lot stronger and confident than when I first started training.”

In addition to working out at CrossFit, Lleneras also goes to the gym on her own to train and time herself doing runs. It has helped her become stronger, and it has also taught her more discipline in this journey, Adriana said.

“I feel very proud and happy for her, and she has been very clear that this is her passion,” she said. “Besides, by doing it, she relaxes, gets motivated and it teaches her values like commitment and perseverance. Everything you work hard for will always give you the best reward. Sabina fights hard and non-stop.”

When Llerenas first started her training at CrossFit back in 2016, she never thought it would take her as far as it has, Llerenas said.

“I started CrossFit because I really wanted to challenge myself and be the person I’ve always wanted to become,” she said. “It made me physically and mentally stronger, and it gave me confidence and the strength to keep pushing through any obstacles I have faced. I’ve learned so much more about myself, and it has helped me define who I am and what I aspire to become.”

Llerenas would like to get involved in more CrossFit-sponsored events and competitions and do a marathon with her father. She also hopes to get the chance to race in an Ironman further down the road, she said.

“I could not be more excited for Sabina to tackle a half marathon,” Daly said. “Being a runner myself, I encourage athletes to never stop growing. If a 5k no longer motivates you, find something that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. To finish a race as intimidating as a half marathon before the age of 18 is an impressive achievement. I am extremely proud of Sabina and it is a true privilege to work with her.”

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