End of Windows 7

Alfonso Fernandez, Reporter

Over the summer, LT’s Technology Services Team refurbished the school computers to an updated version of the Windows software. They also provided students and staff with sleek new monitors, in parts of the school.

“While I would say that I am not thrilled in making big changes, it’s just one of those things that, in everyone’s benefit some short term pains are going to lead to longer term gains such as better features, functionalities, and securities,” said Technology Services Director, Ed Tennant. “So while everybody is always a little uncomfortable with change, the reasons for doing it outweigh the reservation in doing it.”

The software update, as with any major update, has brought on differences in its functionality and has created minor headaches early on in the school year. The log-out button is in a different location, and for G-suite, students can access it through the LT homepage. 

“Microsoft announced an official end to their support and updates of Windows 7 for 2020,” Tennant said. 

Microsoft wouldn’t be able to provide any updates or patches to the previous server. Without any patches or updates, the students and staff are at risk because of some hole or bug that nefarious people can take advantage of, Tennant said. 

 “It’s just like any new thing. The log out used to be in one area, but now it’s in another. It’s just like getting a new car: it’s something you’ve got to get used to,” Paraeducator, Mary Craggs said. 

On the first day of school, first time log-ins for any user took an extensive amount of time, which caused some minor complaints between students and staff.

“For any user, first day log-ins took a little longer than we had even estimated. So as students have been going through their log-ins that has been helping the situation,” Tennant said. “The more of you that have gone through the process the better it’ll be.”

While there have been many negative reviews, there are some that see the upside to the updates. 

“Anytime you can update your school or software for the students, it’s an advantage,” PC Repair teacher Matt VanDiepen said. “There’s going to be your ups and downs with it for the students and staff, but with any update you’re going to have problems you have to fix. It’s all new.”