New business course implemented


The classroom is set up to be more similar to a business environment rather than a classroom (Joyner/LION).

Kaitlyn Joyner, Reporter and Photographer

After taking Intro to Business and Economics at South Campus, and Accounting at North Campus, Elizabeth Allan ‘20 was looking for another business course at LT to gain more experience before heading to college. She was overjoyed to find out LT has implemented Incubator Ed for the 2019-2020 school year. The course can be understood most as the shark tank unit from Intro to Business magnified into a year long course. It emphasizes teamwork and problem-solving, while bringing in mentors to help students apply their learning to real life scenarios, Allan said.

“We learn all about starting a business, really in depth,” Allan said.

Students push their boundaries by identifying a problem, creating a product to target the problem and marketing a product, Incubator Ed teacher Krista Wilcox said. They simulate different examples of business environments to educate students on how to handle the climate of a real market, and how it will react to a certain product. The course focuses on the business aspect as well as the skills needed to be successful in any career students decide to pursue, Wilcox said.

This course, available to juniors and seniors, offers a unique learning experience with an abundant amount of knowledge and experience guaranteed to help students thrive in any career they intend to pursue, Wilcox said.

In addition to the content students learn, the learning environment makes this course stand out. Students work collaboratively at tables instead of traditional rows of desks. Advanced computers and new programs have been added to transform the classroom space, Global Studies division chair, Paul Houston said.

“We like to think it looks like a Google or other tech company work space,” Houston said.

Students in the class work with mentors and coaches who have created established careers within business, mentor liaison Kathy Dierkes said. Mentors are volunteers from around the community who have an interest in aiding LT students learn more about entrepreneurship. The mentor role is longer than the two to three day coaching position. Meetings with mentors fluctuate from a weekly phone call to meeting in person, Dierkes said.

“This program has far reaching implications for every student in a fun and challenging format,” Dierkes said.