Say Something Week urges LT to report potential violence


The logo for the week, as shown on the LT website.

In an effort to inform students about the importance of reporting potential violence, SAVE Promise Club will introduce Say Something Week from Feb. 25 to March 2 at LT.

“Each school is responsible for its own culture,” SAVE Promise Club sponsor Theresa Hirstein said. “SAVE acts upon something everyone desires, safety at schools.”

This event encourages students to reach out to adults if they see signs of potential violence, Hirstein said. Members of the student-run club have been fundraising and publizing throughout the entire school year; however, SAVE will work overtime as they prepare for Say Something Week.

SAVE Promise Club, or Students Against Violence Everywhere, is a student-run club associated with the Sandy Hook Promise organization. The club is currently under pilot status meaning LT will wait to see if student interest grows before making SAVE an official club. It was founded last year shortly after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting when students in the South Campus Science Drop-in Center met with teacher Pat Callahan and called for a club to combat school violence.

“The students created a petition to see if there was any interest and the response was incredible,” Hirstein said. “There must have been 50 signatures within the first half hour.”

To continue to generate interest, members sell t-shirts and wristbands. They put the money back into the club, yet soon they will have enough profit to donate to the Sandy Hook Promise organization, Hirstein said. Among the members fundraising is Quinn Riordan ‘21.

“SAVE has taught me that simple acts of kindness can make both your and another’s day,” Riordan said. “I hope SAVE teaches students the importance of reaching out to others and contacting an adult if they see signs of violence.”

SAVE Promise Club has already held a major event this year. Just Say Hello Week took place in late November, its goal being to empower the student body to say hello to strangers who might otherwise feel ostracized. Also in November, SAVE teamed up with activists in Civics classes to create a nonviolence pledge that was signed at both campuses.