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Grace Mayer ‘21 manages girls basketball team

Fiona O'Brien, Freelance reporter

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Could you imagine showing up to basketball practice everyday and going to games every weekend, but not being able to play? While most people would view this as a waste of time, Grace Mayer ‘21 views this as the best way to spend her days.

Mayer has Cerebral Palsy but that does not prevent her from being committed to the basketball program. She got involved at LT freshman year when she managed the sophomore girls basketball team.

“I don’t let anything stop me,” Mayer said. “I love basketball and even though I can’t play in the games, being a part of the team and getting to see my friends everyday makes it all worth it.”

During this time she bonded with the players and got to meet the head varsity girls basketball coach, Meghan Hutchens.

“We shared laughs and worked very well together,” Hutchens said. “She did such a phenomenal job [with the sophomores] that I invited her to join us at the varsity level.”

Mayer was thrilled to be offered the position as manager of the varsity girls basketball team and Hutchens is looking forward to the impact Mayer will have on the team.

“Grace has an energy about her that is infectious, which is why she has become close friends with the girls on the team,” Hutchens said. “If you were to walk into our gym you would see Grace joking around with the girls and creating a positive and loving atmosphere.”

Tess Grzegorek ‘20 was a member of the sophomore girls basketball team last year and got to bond with Mayer over the season.

“Grace’s constant positive attitude and optimism rubs off on every player she meets,” Grzegorek said. “She motivates me to do my best and work hard for the team.”

In addition to bonding with her teammates, Mayer also takes her role of manager very seriously. She helps out by keeping times of the games and tracking statistics for all the team members.

Hutchens greatly appreciates all that Grace does for the team.

“She continues to impact [us] through her dedication to her managing position as well as being a great friend to all the girls on the team,” Hutchens said. “Grace never backs down from a challenge and is willing to put every effort into the sports that she plays and manages for.”

While Mayer isn’t a typical team member, she continues to stay dedicated to her role and can’t wait for the upcoming season.

“During the season, your team becomes your family, and I love them with all of my heart,” Mayer said.

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Grace Mayer ‘21 manages girls basketball team