New principals discuss goals for school

Isabel Tuisl, Website/Social Media co-editor

With the arrival of the 2018 school year, there comes an influx of new teachers and administrators; specifically South Campus’s recent additions of the 2022 Assistant Principal, Bryan Radavich, and the Associate Principal, Shanna Lewis.

SC knew the position of the Associate Principal was needed because of Therese Nelson’s retirement last year, Principal, Brian Waterman said.

Ms. Lewis was the Assistant Principal for the class of 2018, and then became the Associate Principal for the class of 2022, Waterman said. That opened up the position for the Assistant Principal, which is now Radavich’s position.

The APs meet on a weekly basis to collaborate about ways to better serve the students at SC, Radavich said.

“Lewis was an Assistant Principal last year, and has been able to guide me along with the other APs as I learn the procedures that are new to me here at LT,” Radavich said.

Radavich’s main goals are simple.

“I want to build relationships with as many staff members, students, and families that I can,” he said. “I also want to lead my Student Support Team to provide assistance for any freshman students that may be struggling with their transition to LT and help them to be successful.”

Lewis has similar goals — to keep kids safe and get teachers and students the resources they need to be successful.

“We have already made some steps to improve our security and I want to continue working on that. I am focusing on meeting all the new people and beginning to establish relationships with the staff and students,” Lewis said.

Along with Radavich, Lewis meets with the APs informally throughout the day and formally once a week, keeping open lines of communication with the staff, she said.

“I am fortunate to be on many teams, and the goal of all of them is to do our best work for kids,” Lewis said.

Similar positions that Lewis has previously been apart of include a dean at Naperville Central High School and the LT Assistant Principal of the class of 2018.

As well as Lewis, Radavich has already had previous experiences as part of an administrative staff. He was a dean of students for the past three years at Plainfield South High School, and in that position he had similar responsibilities that included discipline, attendance, and supervision of school events.

Waterman’s confidence ensures the principals’ ambitions for the new school year.

“My work with the Assistant and Associate Principals is related to student services, so our goal as a team is to positively impact the school climate using a variety of resources.”

Waterman is most excited for the principals to continue their learning process as they familiarize themselves with SC more, Waterman said.

“We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful school climate and great relationships with our students, so I’m looking forward to them continuing that tradition and set our students up for success,” Waterman said.