Student council makes major changes to homecoming dance

Mia Bonfiglio, Reporter

Student Council is making changes to this year’s homecoming dance in attempts to fund a bigger production by increasing school spirit and upperclassman participation.

The new changes will include an increase in ticket price, from $15 to $20, creative spirit day themes, more decorations to go along with the disco theme, and a larger production, Student Council Advisor Peter Geddeis said.

“I want everyone to have fun and increase school spirit,” Student Council President Pilar Valdes said. “Events like the pep rally and spirit days only happen once a year and not a lot of people participate, especially at North Campus. My biggest goal is to get school spirit up.”

This year, Student Council’s main focus is to get everyone involved. They are hoping the new spirit day themes, including meme and denim day, will attract more upperclassmen participation. They picked a theme that would hopefully appeal to all ages.

“The extra money will help bring more to the homecoming dance itself and it also should enable Student Council to do some things that they wanted to do that they were not able to do in the past,” Geddeis said. “For example they are going to try and get more clubs and classes involved in making the hallways more festive during homecoming week.”

The homecoming dance will take place tomorrow, Sept. 22, in the South Campus field house from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. The five extra dollars spent on a ticket will be put towards the elaborate production and decorations, Geddeis said. Students can expect a collaborative playlist created by the DJ and Student Council, along with bright decorations and disco balls.

“All of the costs that go into everything Student Council does have increased,” Geddeis said. “Student council does not receive any money from the school for everything they do. Homecoming is the primary funding source for that.”

Supplies to decorate doors for homecoming week will be provided by Student Council. Their goal is to make the whole week exciting and spread cohesive school spirit throughout both campuses.